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Cleaning your hands with Fer à Cheval

Marseille, March 2nd, 2020

Fer à Cheval, the oldest soap factory in Marseille to perpetuate the artisanal method of Marseille Soap production, has recently signed a partnership with Synlab Provence. Synlab is one of the largest medical diagnostic company in the region. Together, they have released 13000 soaps they will distribute to professionals in the medical health and laboratory fields, aiming to sensitize the public as to the importance of systematic hand washing and general hygiene.

Our hands are the first cause of the transmission of infections (80% of infections are hand borne). Good hand hygiene, simple and efficient, is a must in the fight against virus transmission.

In 1847, Ignace Semmelweis, a Hungarian doctor known as the father of hospital hygiene, drastically reduced the deaths of pregnant women in the hospitals of Vienna by imposing the systematic cleaning of hands of the medical staff.

Fer à Cheval wishes to remind the public of this historical discovery by putting forward its ancestral product, Savon de Marseille, patrimonial pride of our region.

100% composed of natural ingredients, Savon de Marseille is cooked in the historical cauldrons of the Fer à Cheval factory, made exclusively with vegetal oil, salt, water and soda ash. Recommended by dermatologists, the Fer à Cheval Savon de Marseille is hypoallergenic.

The aim of cleaning one’s hands are multiple:

1. Eliminating transient flora
2. Decrease resident flora
3. Prevent contamination

The WHO (world health organization) states: “Good hand hygiene concerns all health professionals, as well as their patients and their families, no matter the procedure or care, the surroundings, or the circumstances within which such care is delivered. It contributes to a universal sanitary standard of quality.”

Raphael Seghin
Fer à Cheval/NCDSM