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Andrée Jardin

1 century ago, George-René Julio, the future husband of Andrée Jardin, began his apprenticeship as a brush-maker in Nantes, on the quays of the Erdre, not far from the slaughterhouses of Talensac where one obtains raw materials . In 1947, he opened his own factory: the adventure began.

Over the decades, the brush industry has increasingly supplied the industry and, from father to son, we specialize in custom technical brushes.

The advent of plastic and the beginnings of globalization quickly devalued everything that used to be called "Paris items": hair brushes, toilet brushes, toothbrushes, makeup brushes, clothes brushes, household brushes, brooms… To such an extent that even today it is very difficult to find a real broom, a real brush and, what is more, a real dusting machine.

Determined to make this fatal observation lie, Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie, Andrée's grandchildren, reissue their grandmother's legendary brushwork with beech and thermo-heated ash mounts: real brushes that last!

Buying an Andrée Jardin brush means committing to working alongside a manufacturer who guarantees the preservation of French know-how.

Brosserie Julio (manufacturer of the Andrée Jardin brand) continues today the centenary tradition of the brush industry: the selection of raw materials and the artisanal work of fibers are based on the experience of several generations and allow to obtain a exclusive quality.

Our wood is local, from sustainably managed forests, whether for beech or thermo-heated ash.

The fibers are white silk, horsehair or vegetable fibers.

For these reasons, Brosserie Julio is labeled EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), a real mark of recognition by the French State, set up to distinguish companies with excellent craftsmanship and industrial know-how.

Simplicity, quality, durability: that's the DNA of our brand!

The manufacturing, in small quantities, remains artisanal even today. It is the best way, in our eyes, to fight against products imported from Asia and all disposable.

Buying Andrée Jardin products means giving meaning to your purchases and setting limits in the face of waste, novelty for novelty and broken promises.

Andrée Jardin is a “love brand”, a brand that enjoys the unwavering support of a circle of aficionados of all ages and living in all types of interior.